10 Essential Mom Survival Tools

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In today's hectic world, moms need a little bit of help here and there.

Every mom, whether she's a working mom, stay at home mom, or something in between, needs a little help sometimes.

Being a mom of four means that I've developed a variety of tips and tricks that I keep up my sleeve to stay sane.

Some of the tricks and tools I use to stay sane are more obvious than others.

But, all of them have been extremely useful!


Mom's Survival Tool Box




Use your resources, and that includes your spouse, partner, children, friends, and family.

Remember that it truly takes a village to raise a child, so ask for help.

Being a martyr never got you anything except migraines and stomach aches!



Sometimes that means swapping kids with a friend, carpooling, and helping each other out, so you're not trying to do everything yourself.

There is only so much of you to go around, after all!



Being able to fix dinner and forget about it - this is an amazing tool!

It is the ultimate in easy cooking and meal planning. Simply put your ingredients in the pot, turn it on and leave for as long as you need to!

This glorious invention takes all the stress out of meal preparation, leaving you free to play with the kids, clean something, write a blog article, or hide in the pantry with wine and chocolate!

There are hundreds of crock pot recipes on Pinterest and the internet.

There are also entire cookbooks dedicated to crock pots.


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This is key to knowing who's going and who's coming.

In fact, my husband and I briefly discuss who's going where and when so we know who is picking up kids, and getting them to activities each day of the week.

We use Google calendar in our home for scheduling between all of us.

It's especially helpful when at least one of you have the memory of a sieve.

Having everything neatly planned out, color coded and detailed makes family planning incredibly easy.



Okay, so this one doesn't seem to be an option for everyone at first glance.

But, even if you do some kind of service swap with a friend (it's far easier to clean someone else's house than your own) or hire a service once every six months for a deep cleaning, it can be a great help.

Your time has value and time is money.

Figure out which things you need to outsource and outsource those things.

For me, it was outsourcing laundry, grocery shopping and meal preparation.

I prefer to clean my own home, as it seems like no-one else does it like I would


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Sometimes things don't go as planned.

Schedules get crazy, meetings or practices run long and sometimes mom forgets to plan ahead.

Keep something in the freezer or in the pantry that you can just drop on the table at a moment's notice when you're tired, exhausted, and things just aren't going as planned.

Frozen chicken nuggets or pizza can be a lifesaver some days.



Whatever you do, you need to keep a grocery list so that you don't run out of toilet paper in the middle of the night.

Grocery shopping is not a responsibility that belongs to only one of you.

Whomever is available and out of the house can run to the store on their way home to pick up a needed item.



It's much easier to have an electronic, shareable list that everyone can access.

Make sure you have some sort of list building tool.

Electronic is cool. Paper will do, as long as what ever you have, you actually use!



It's incredibly helpful to have both parents in on communications with teachers, coaches and other educators and mentors.

Make sure that the teacher doesn't just email one of you for class assignments, and that both of you get onto the lists.

My partner and I actually created an email account that automatically forwards to both parents, so we know that we are both receiving all of the emails.


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If you are a working mom or an active stay at home mom, solid child care arrangements with a backup plan are a necessity.

Sometimes things don't work out as planned, kids get sick, your caregiver gets sick, you name it.

Always have a backup plan, so that you don't risk losing your job, or if you need to leave the kids for a few hours so you can get things done.



Set a special ring tone for school numbers, so you know to answer those calls.

That way you know to pick up the phone, in case the school calls with a sick or misbehaving child (which never, ever happens with my kids 😉).

It would be very frustrating for both you and the school if you missed a call because you didn't recognize their number.



Keep a stash of snacks in the car.

This is critical for when you're stuck driving and the kids are hungry and bickering.

It will save you $$$ too, since you won't be constantly stopping at drive-throughs to feed them.

I have taken to having a stash of Nutri-Grain bars in my son's favorite flavor that I hand to him when I pick him up from the bus and he's likely to be irritable and cranky from the long day.

Like the Boy Scouts say: "Be Prepared"!




There are obviously far more than 10 ways to save your sanity, but this should be a great start for you, and I hope it helps.



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