About Us


Over the years, LilyLucas has been faithful to creating quirky, fashionable, and slightly sarcastic pieces that reflect our customers’ interests and passions.

Our customers are tired of being told how to dress and accessorize, they are tired of the empty and often ridiculous fashion trends they are pressured to follow, and, more than anything, they are tired of being told how a woman should dress.

Women know what they like and what they want and we’re happy to help them show off their individuality!

At LilyLucas, we strongly hold to the ideals of products designed, made, and purchased by and for women. Our jewelry is custom designed by our team and manufactured by women and mothers at our production facility in New Jersey, many of whom are military and veteran wives.

We consider you are part of our community, too! Every time we manufacture and ship a purchase, we send our good wishes right along with it.

LilyLucas is an online boutique with a wide variety of products. Most of our products are created by our amazingly talented designers. Other products come from awesome people all around the world.

If we can’t make it, we’ll find someone who can!